Steinway Campaign

A Steinway Grand Piano from above

Steinway Campaign - Update

Our Steinway has arrived!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Steinway! Our fundraising campaign aimed to purchase an international quality instrument for the Great Hall and to restore and retain the current Steinway for the use of the students. We held a fundraising evening with pianist Martin Roscoe and Ulrich Gerhartz, Director of Artists Services at Steinway and Sons, held Jukebox Piano concerts in the university colleges and invited sponsorship of the instrument's body parts including its 88 keys and 3 legs.

With the help of our friends and supporters as well as generous match funding from the University, we raised over £100,000 in less than a year. The Friends of the Concerts made the single largest donation of £10,000, and we are very grateful to them and many other individuals for their gifts.

Further funding is needed to ensure we can keep up the precision maintenance required to keep our new piano in world-class condition. Keys make unique personal gifts and there is still the chance to sponsor the lid, pedals and middle octave.

The piano will be inaugurated in a Celebrity Recital by the Russian virtuoso pianist, Nikolai Demidenko, on Thursday 25th October 2012. Tickets will be available in August from

To donate to the campaign please choose a donation option from the heading below. Please note that the University can claim 25% gift aid on personal donations from UK taxpayers which will also be contributed to the Steinway Piano Maintenance Programme.

Lancaster Steinway Appeal

There are a number of ways you can help us reach our fundraising target from single donations, to our Ebony & Ivory initative, to on-going sponsorship. Of course, we'd be delighted with all donations either large or small.

For major sponsors (of £10,000 or more) the most exciting reward is the chance to fly to Hamburg where you will meet either Paul Lewis or Kathryn Stott. Together you will tour the historic Steinway factory and help us select our very own piano in person. We can only offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to 3 people, so contact us to find out more.

If you are a business we are also offering corporate sponsorship packages, for either the Steinway Campaign or our on-going work, with unique benefits and promotional opportunities. Please contact us for details.

Campaign Patrons We're delighted to announce that Paul Lewis and Kathryn Stott have agreed to be our campaign patrons.

Ebony & Ivory

Ulrich Gerhartz services Live at LICA's current Steinway Grand Piano

We are also inviting sponsorship of different parts of our new piano, so that each time it is played, our audience can claim an investment in every note. You can sponsor a key for as little as £100, one of the three legs for £500, the pedals for £1,500 or even the lid for £2,000. The most played centre octave is available as a full set of keys at £5,000 and includes the chance to select a work to be performed in the forthcoming season. These make unusual and lasting gifts for a member of your family, can be bought together with a group of friends or dedicated in memory of a loved one.

Steinway Fundraising Concert
with Martin Roscoe & Ulrich Gerhartz

Audiences were treated to a rare insight into the Great Hall piano when Ulrich Gerhartz, Steinway's top technician, pulled the instrument apart in front of their eyes. 

Ulrich revealed how the inner mechanics are balanced with strength, precision and finesse - did you know each of the 88 keys is weighted to exactly 40 grams and the total tension in the strings is 20 tons?

During the event, Ulrich hung his jacket on the piano and wore his craftsman’s apron, embossed with the Steinway emblem.  He pulled out the keyboard mechanism and explained to the audience how it actually works.  Few have been privileged to see a piano in this way, revealed by a world leading expert.

The audience took home souvenirs of hammers taken from a recently restored Steinway played on by the likes of Lang Lang and Kissin at the Barbican in return for donations for the piano. 

In the second half, we were treated to a potted history of the piano repertoire, from Haydn through Schubert, Debussy, Bartok by pianistic genius, Martin Roscoe. The evening concluded with an enthused audience refusing to leave -  Roscoe had left the stage and was already changed into his t-shirt and jeans when he was forced to return to the stage for one final encore. An unusual end to an exceptional fundraising event. 

A total of £15,900 was donated or raised from tickets at this event, including a £10,000 donation from the Friends of the Concerts.

Thanks to all who contributed, particularly Martin and Ulrich who so generously gave their time, expertise and support.


The insides of a Steinway Grand Piano

There are numerous ways you can donate

Donate to our Steinway Appeal Online

You can donate a sum of money to the campaign online via our ticketing site. Please note if you wish to take part in the Ebony & Ivory initiative you will need to do this via post.

If you wish to make a single donation or take part in the Ebony & Ivory initiative download a donation form and return it to us via the Freepost address found on the form. [Download the donation form ]

Please call Julia Resenterra on 01524 593676 and we can process your credit / debit card details.

For further details on this campaign please contact Fiona Sinclair on 01524 593096

The Steinway campaign is one of many fundraising projects managed via the Alumni and Development office at Lancaster UniversityFor more information about fundraising contact Julia Resenterra.