Student Membership / Pricing

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Live at LICA is your professional arts organisation on Lancaster University's campus.  We have three venues 'The Nuffield Theatre' 'Lancaster Concerts' and the 'Peter Scott Gallery' all located within the Great Hall complex at the north end of campus.  We present an exciting programme of live music, theatre, dance and exhibitions throughout the academic year.

Upcoming events at Live at LICA

Our student membership scheme is great value for money and open to all students, regardless of your subject (or place) of study.  All FE/HE students can sign up to this offer - you just need to produce a valid NUS/College card. 

Save up to £18

By joining our Student Membership programme you'll save up to £18 off our standard box office / on-the-door prices.

Your membership is valid across the entire range of Live at LICA theatre and concert events and the points are valid for one academic year. 

Plus once you've paid the membership you needn't worry about having any spare cash to enjoy 6 theatre, music or dance productions!

Join our Student Membership Scheme  or View our upcoming events

How does it work?

  • Sign up below and pay £35 for the annual student membership - in return you'll receive your 'points'.
  • You can exchange these points for tickets online throughout the year
  • Ensure you click the box that states you'd like to join our Student Membership Points in the checkout process!
  • Once you've bought the membership wait until you receive a confirmation email before you sign back in.
  • You can then re-login to our web-site and use your points to buy the concert, theatre, dance event of your choice. 

Before you click the sign up below please read the entire instructions below and remember to tick the box that states "Yes! I would like to Join Student Membership Points"

Join our Student Membership Scheme for 2013/14 
Remember to tick the box that states "Yes! I would like to Join Student Membership Points"

Instruction notes for signing up:

1. Once you have clicked the sign up button above it will take you to a pop-out page. In this page click 'Add to Cart'

2. On the next screen confirm what you want in your basket. Click 'Check out Now' to advance to the next page

3. Enter in your contact details and 'Continue'
4. In the 'Your details' section, ensure that you have selected the 'Yes! I would like to Join Student Membership Points' tick box.
Your details screen capture. Tick box for points system
NOTE: If you do not tick this box you will not be able to purchase tickets.

5. Complete the checkout process
6. Upon completeting the checkout process close the window.

If you would like to book ticket immediately select the 'What's On' menu on the top left hand side of this page to find our current performances.


How Student Membership Works:
When you sign up and purchase the student membership you are enrolled in something call Student Membership Points programme. What your purchase of £35.00 gives you is 4500 points in the programme. Each performance will cost 700 or 750 points. These points are used online to purchase the performances that you want or are required (for course work) to attend.
- To use your points, make sure that you Log in to the website.

- When you get to the payment screen make sure you select 'Pay with Student Membership Points'



You can only redeem your points online and not via the box office.

Note that you will only be able to use your points up to 4hrs before the performances as that is when the online sales of the box office closes. You still may be able to get tickets on the door but this will cost £8.50.

The points are non-refundable, non-transferable and will expire at the end of June 2013.

Points can only be used to purchase performance/concerts that are within the Live at LICA Season (Autumn 2012, Winter 2013, Spring 2013)

Please note events by student societies and community groups may charge different rates to our standard pricing structure.  These events are also exempt from our membership scheme.