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Junk Ensemble perform 'The Falling Song' at Live at LICA (Lancaster) on 6th March 2014.
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Hetain Patel: American Boy (Promo Photo) MM Frontierland Poster Artwork Jackets by Edward Bond (Artwork) stacy less blood less fog final The Falsettos with text More Music: Frontierland The Falling Song. Wide Stage Shot with Choir. The Falling Song. 2performers & 2 choir _The Falling Song 2012 (junk ensemble) Photo Fionn McCann The Falling Song choir+falling TGTGATG Leentje at Mic TGTGATG Red Face TGTGATG Her Hand Red  TGTGATG abstract letters TGTGATG Performer Kneeling Weightless. Portrait. Male Dancer. Gob Squad.  Promo Photo Gob Squad. Prod Photo from SR. Screen at Front Gob Squad. Prod. Photo. Actor DSR. Landscape Weightless. Pose With Speaker Cone Gob Squad. Prod. Photo. Crop on sofa. Gob Squad. Prod Photo from SL. Screen at Front Weightless. Landscape. Hair STACY MAKISHI: Stage wide shot Stacy Makishi: B&W Portrait 12 Degree North Group Posed (colour) 12 Degree North Couple RHS Colour 12 Degree North Grp Shot B&W 12 Degree North. Single Dancer Landscape 12 Degree North Cpl RHS B&W 12 Degree North Man Falling The Falling Song Dickie Beau. White Dress. Dickie Beau. Red Outfit Zoo Indigo: Pushing Pram up Hill. Zoo Indigo: Stage Shot (Portrait Crop) Zoo Indigo: Stage Shot (Landscape Crop) Laila Diallo: Production Shot (Portrait) Laila Diallo: Production Shot (Landscape) Laila Diallo: Production Shot. Linking Hands (Landscape) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait I, Malvolio. Landscape (head) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait I, Malvolio. Landscape Applying Eye Liner I, Malvolio. Portrait (Head) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait (pointing) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait (Through Glass) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait (through Glass) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait (Crop Upper body) I, Malvolio. Tall Portrait Crouch & Asmith: What Happens to the Hope... Forced Ents: Tomorrow's Parties. (Female Blurred) Forced Ents: Tomorrow's Parties. (Wide Shot) Forced Ents: Tomorrow's Parties. (Male blurred) Forced Ents: Tomorrow's Parties. (Female Blurred) Forced Ents: Tomorrow's Parties. HELIOS Theater: Wide Water Spray HELIOS Theater. (Landscape - man on left) HELIOS Theater. (Landscape - man on right) Company Chameleon (Double Bill) 2013. Quartet - Yellow Haze Company Chameleon (Double Bill) 2013. Quartet. Black Stage 1927: Pointinghands1sepia 1927: Cries for Help Testimonium: Wide Stage Shot Testimonium. Negative Image. Testimonium. Stage Crop Stans Cafe: Melancholy (Holding beer) Stans Cafe: Melancholy (Stood Upright) 1927: Animals. Gelato Van 1927: Animals. Umbrella Image 1927: Animals. You are Held in a Queue MA Students Group Shot (Seven Traces) Sweeney Todd Logo

Theatre, Dance, Music and Art School Trips

Sited on Lancaster University's campus, Live at LICA (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts) brings a wealth of UK and international artists of the highest calibre to Lancaster every year in public programmes of professional theatre, dance, exhibitions and concerts.  We have a nationally important role as a 'safe-house' for the development of innovative contemporary arts, nurturing generations of artists.  Many of the events found in our programme tour to organisations such as the Barbican, South Bank Centre, The Lowry (Manchester), and West Yorkshire Playhouse (Leeds), and our audiences travel across the entire north to enjoy our events.

If you are a teacher or tutor responsible for organising a school trip and would like to introduce your students to contemporary theatre, dance, art and music performances please email us via or call 01524 594160 for our full packages and information.

School Bookers - Theatre/Dance Trips for Spring 2014

FREE Post-Show discussion with the artists are included with most theatre or dance performances

The majority of our theatre and dance events are suitable for Key Stages 3 and above. Many of our visiting theatre companies are also extremely accomplished at targeting workshop and discussion activity to your needs as teachers, and framing activity to specific Key Stages. Theatre workshops and discussions can often take place either on our stage, or in your own venues.  Most of our shows also feature post-show discussions with the actors and crew and these too can be tailored to your students needs and interests. 

School & Group Bookers Theatre and Dance Spring 2014 Preview

If you are organising a school trip to the theatre please contact us

Telephone: 01524 594160 for specific educational pricing and discounts. 

School Bookers - Music Trips for Spring 2014

Our music and concert series presents an international programme of visiting soloists, orchestras and ensembles, performing everything from classical to world music, jazz to new works by living composers.  Click here for a full list of current music productions.

We are always happy to discuss which events will best fit your teaching of music at a range of Key Stages through to BTEC, A-Level and beyond, and we can explore ways to add extra value to your visit. We are often able to set up talks, workshops and post-show discussions with the artists within our programme. These can take the form of practical, hands-on sessions for students, or chaired discussions around the themes and content of a show. 

School & Group Bookers Music & Concerts Preview

If you are organising a school trip to a classical concert hall or a music venue for your students please contact us:

Telephone: 01524 594160 for specific educational pricing and discounts. 
Visit: Music and Classical Concert Listings online

Gallery & Exhibition Tours

Whilst you are on campus, why not arrive early, or stay a little longer, and visit our free exhibition(s) within the Peter Scott Gallery.  We host exhibitions throughout our Autumn and Spring seasons.  We can also arrange gallery tours for your students (subject to availability).

Enhancing your school visit

Artist Talks
Where possible, and with enough advance notice, we can arrange a free artists talk either before or after the performance

Risk Assessments
A free risk assessment for your educational visit can be requested by email

Coach Parking
We have ample space for coach parking and easy access for students to be dropped off outside our arts venues.  The nearest drop off / collection point for coaches is on the University's North Drive outside the LICA Building (anti-clockwise direction). Coaches can then be left / parked at other locations across the campus. Full details within the University's guide.  If you'd like further advice please email